Ashamed of photo

Dear Editor:I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the picture in the Patriot of our mayor, Mario Guerra, and a visiting Sister City official from Zacatecas, Mexico. Our mayor and David Monreal Avila, mayor of Fresnillo and candidate for governor of Zacatecas, are shown in the police gun room armored with automatic assault weapons. What kind of message does this send to Mexico and the rest of the world? As a longtime Downey resident I am embarrassed and ashamed that Downey would be perceived as a third world city without laws and its citizens having to protect themselves with assault weapons. Mayor Guerra, you have gone too far in the name of a photo-op and you owe the citizens of Downey an apology. - Dennis Pagenkopp, Downey

********** Published: November 20, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 31

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