Burglary suspect linked to two break-ins

DOWNEY -- A 30-year-old transient has been arrested on charges that he broke into two Downey homes, and in one instance, got into bed with a female resident. 

Arturo Duarte was arrested July 2 after a woman entered the kitchen of her second story apartment on the 7400 block of Firestone Place and found that Arturo had entered through her balcony's unlocked sliding glass door. 

A neighbor witnessed the break-in and called police. Officers found Duarte hiding in the victim's bathroom and arrested him. 

Forensics specialists linked Duarte to a June 27 burglary at an apartment on the 11000 block of Haro Avenue. In that case, the victim said she was awoken by a man lying in bed next to her. 

Duarte assaulted the woman before fleeing, police said. He was linked to the incident by fingerprints. 

Duarte has been charged with one felony count of residential burglary, one misdemeanor count of sexual battery, and one misdemeanor count of trespassing. 


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