By hook or by crook

Dear Editor:If there ever has been such a disgusting display of bribery as we have witnessed in passing the health care bill, I don't know which is the hook and which are the crooks. The CBO estimated the cost of this bill at just under $1 trillion but did they factor in the cost of the bribes the Democrats demanded to sell their votes? It wasn't just Mary Lambreaus' bribe, it was all of the Democrats. Queen Pelosi said they're doing this for the American people - please, Nancy, don't do us any more favors. We can't afford them. It was a good sold vote I guess when Costa and Cordoza in the San Joaquin Valley traded their vote for 25 percent of the water needed to water the crops in an area that was the most fertile land in the U.S. and possible the world. Not now! Crops died for lack of water and there is 20 percent unemployment in some areas and 40 percent in another thanks to a small smelt fish and lack of help from senators Boxer, Feinstein and others. I don't know that I'd feel safe to drink the water, not because of the smelt fish, but because of some of the slimy, smelly politicians in D.C. could have tainted it. So start looking in the cracks of your sofa to retrieve all the change you can find. You're going to need it to pay for not only all the new taxes required to pay for six years of healthcare but to hire 16,000IRS agents to oversee the collection of every penny they can get. It might be helpful for them to start with Congress, the Czars and Obama's appointments first, as they are likely to get quite a sum, even more if they had to pay penalties like the common folk pay. Doesn't that thrill your heart? Is this the new job creation? - Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: April 9, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 51

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