Coffee choices

Dear Editor:In response to "Venti Latte, Hold the Attitude," (Letters to the Editor, 12/4/09), first, tell her welcome to Downey. Second, Summer York, an ex-Starbucks employee, is suing Starbucks in a $5 million class action lawsuit. It seems they have failed to pay for overtime and minimum wages. This really explains her bad service at Starbucks - it seems because the higher-up bosses are stiffing them on their pay. Third, tell her she's right. Since she pays $5 for her lattes, she should get exactly what she paid for. It's called "customer service." The golden rule in business says "The customer is always right." Her $5 cup of coffee pays for the barista's wages per hour. They make what - $8, $9 or $10 per hour, plus a cut of the tips, too? Fourth, tell her she should hit up these other coffee joints in Downey: •Kelly's Coffee and Fudge Factory inside Stonewood Center, next to Orange Julius. •The Coffee Bean on the corner of Firestone Boulevard and Patton Road, next to the Sprint store. I've actually been to this place a few times and they are pretty fast, decent and cool on the service. •Xela Café (a Guatemalan coffee shop) on the corner of Paramount Boulevard and Cole Street, near Shakey's Pizza. •Tropicana Bakery, next to Chase Bank on Florence Avenue and Paramount Boulevard. They serve coffee here, too. •The Habana Café Cuban bakery on the corner of Firestone and Old River School Road. •McDonald's. From what I've heard, their coffee is actually pretty good and dirt cheap. A large regular coffee there is like $1.60. I know they serve different types of coffee there. - Michael Hanker, Downey

********** Published: December 18, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 35

Julie Ledesma