Coffee in Downey

Dear Editor:In response to "Venti Latte, Hold the Attitude," (Letters to the Editor, 11/27/09) I would like to throw a shout-out for the coffee drive-thru Drinx on Lakewood Boulevard in the Ralph's center parking lot. It is very convenient, very personable and makes the same lattes, espresso and non-coffee drinks, same as Starbucks. Probably more reasonably priced. They also have bagels, danishes, etc. I have never been a fan of Starbucks, nor do I have any interest in the Drinx drive-thru business, except for the fact that I like it and would like to pass that info on. So enjoy! - Diana Borzi, Downey

Dear Editor: I'd like to share my thoughts on the recent letter commenting on the poor service the writer received at two Starbucks locations in Downey. I've been a Starbucks customer for years, and tend to agree that the locations in Long Beach typically provide a better customer service experience than the ones in her hometown. All is not lost, however, on the pursuit of a great cup of coffee in Downey. I'm in town quite often and have recently become a big fan of 3rd Street Coffee, located across from the Krikorian Theatres. And what's not to like? There's convenient curbside parking, a nice atmosphere, friendly service and a great product. I often stop there on Saturday mornings right before I visit the nearby farmers market. I feel 3rd Street Coffee's a great example of how a small business can succeed in Downey, and hope they enjoy many more years of well-deserved success. - Mark Echmalian, Long Beach

********** Published: December 11, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 33

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