Cracked sidewalks

Dear Editor:In a recent Downey Patriot, a letter writer mentioned the post of "city manager for emergency preparedness" that was created a couple of years ago after the contaminated water scare. I've often wondered how the City Council arrived at the salary of $323,362 for that post. That's nearly as much as our president's salary; but, of course, our president doesn't have to protect us from bad water. It must be money well-spent though, as I have never heard of any more bad water. Some council members allegedly said at the time, "we can afford it." Wouldn't it be nice if they would say that about repairing all the broken and heaved-up sidewalks that we trip and stumble over each day as we walk around our neighborhood, which are caused by those "lovely" tress that some "genius" at City Hall selected to be planted between the curb and the sidewalk? The only apparent reasons for them being there is to ruin the sidewalks, and make a great source of income for the tree trimmers who annually come and cut away about 75 percent of the foliage, which of course probably makes great mulch when ground up. And I mean really repaired, and not just another load of asphalt dumped on top of the pile they dumped there before to make an even bigger speed bump for us to trip over, but torn out and replaces and those lovely trees dug out and cut up for firewood or mulch. That much money could patch a lot of potholes in the streets in this area, too. But I don't expect to see any repairs in this area, as this is Northwest Downey, and not down "in the city" where the more important people live. - Jim Lucas, Downey

********** Published: May 28, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 6

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