Culture of death

Dear Editor:I appreciate your forum for people to practice freedom of religion and freedom of speech. In observing Anita Rivero battle her Christian counterparts over the past several weeks, I was compelled to contribute in response to her argument. Ms. Rivero uses red herrings often to confuse the subject, which I have discerned from the others is abortion. The fact is we the people of the United States, under legal license from our government, have killed/terminated more than 40 million American babies/protoplasmic globs. For someone who advocates this culture of death to label pro-life Christians as "Taliban" is a bit ironic. It is somewhat obvious that Christians have been losing this battle with their "imposed religious views" on abortion for more than 35 years to someone else's' imposed irreligious views; but in the art of argumentation, she who attacks the character of her opponent loses the argument because she cannot make her case without personal assault. The debate continues, but we should respect the people who may not share our viewpoint. - David Norczyk, Downey

********** Published: June 5, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 7

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