Dead sharks turn up in Norwalk

NORWALK - Animal control officers on Monday discovered two 4-ft leopard sharks that had been dumped inside a trashcan in Norwalk.SEAACA officers made the discovery after a resident reported a foul smell coming from the trashcans. The leopard sharks were intact, but one had a 3-inch incision on its belly. "We do not know why or how these two fairly good-sized creatures ended up dumped in a resident's trashcan, so we are asking for any information to help explain where they came from, and under what circumstances they died," said Capt. Aaron Reyes, director of operations for SEAACA. "The incision on the shark's belly is a concern for our investigators." Leopard sharks inhabit the California coastline and are protected by anti-poaching laws, Reyes said. It is illegal to possess a leopard shark smaller than 36 inches. Larger sharks can be kept only with a permit from the state Department of Fish and Game. Leopard sharks must be allowed to move freely and have the ability to turn safely within the tank, Reyes said. Anyone with information on the sharks is asked to call SEAACA at (562) 803-3301, ext. 229.

********** Published: August 7, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 16

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