Defends DCLO

Dear Editor:Gordon Lundene complains that the Downey Civic Light Opera is elitist and the money spent on this non-profit should go to the fire department instead. Well the fire department can't be trusted because they will blow their money on huge pay to their executives. Further, most of the fire department makes more money than the average household income of many of the hundreds and thousands of local citizens who have been patrons of the DCLO and its tradition of local arts support since before Downey was a city. This non-profit has worked very hard to scrape by every year and none of their people are getting rich off the revenues. But they continue to produce enjoyable entertainment and opportunities for young talents. Don't put your money on the selfishness of the unions and their Democrat legislators because they will only want more. Instead, keep your priority on the types of institutions that have made this city a special home for generations of people. Robert Mitchell Downey

Dear Editor: Gordon Lundene states that the Downey Civic Light Opera will not be missed. I thoroughly disagree. This person has probably never even been to a musical production, much less has no appreciation of what kind of work goes into them, both onstage and off. The organization has fought hard to keep ticket prices low so that the performances are available to all and not just the "artsy, elite and wealthy." There will always be bitter and misinformed people out there who hate the performance arts but the arts are a vital part of the Southern California economy. DCLO executive producer Marsha Moode deserve compliments for giving us many years of high quality shows. It will be a sad day for Downey and surrounding areas when they do disappear. Mike Sanburn Bellflower

********** Published: September 27, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 24

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