Desert Reign Church makes its long-awaited premier

DOWNEY - The newly constructed Desert Reign Church, led by Pastor Don Metcalf, will provide Downey with much more than a place of worship. With its after school youth program and eagerly anticipated preschool program, the church is already shaping up to be a promising center for children of all ages to come together and learn.The preschool, which will be directed by the Pastor's wife, Deborah, features a secured courtyard and playground for the children to enjoy. It will accommodate around 90 students who will be immersed in a unique educational curriculum designed by the church. Youth can enjoy the church's open and airy upstairs room, which contains study tables, a pool table, and even a Guitar Hero game set. In addition to the youth-centered room, the church will also administer a center which will teach teenagers video production skills. Pastor Metcalf, who has overseen the church since its construction, intends to focus on endowing the next generation with skills that will facilitate its contribution to society. The physical sanctuary of the church itself is just as impressive as the remarkable youth opportunities it affords. Built like a civic theatre, the church can accommodate approximately 550 people. Furthermore, the space has been utilized in many ways aside from weekly services, serving as both the venue for a weekly prayer group as well as hosting the recent Battle of the Bands competition. Given the many opportunities the church offers parishioners, it is no surprise that the congregation has grown rapidly since its inception. When asked about the church's vision for the future, Pastor Metcalf stated, "We want to make sure that our church adds back to Downey in terms of civic programs." Without a doubt, the church has been an invaluable resource for people of all walks of life. Pastor Metcalf observed, "Our church has had in it probably about 15 people who have been in prison and because of the church and the power of God, these people will probably never adopt that life again." Furthermore, in addition to the services it performs for people within the congregation, the church has been an instrumental contributor to the local Meals on Wheels program. For more information on the Desert Reign Church, visit or attend its general sermon, which takes place every Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

********** Published: June 26, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 10

Eric Pierce