Downey firefighters rescue bird

Downey firefighters rescued a bird from the top of an 80-ft. palm tree on Monday, and officials now are hoping to reunite the pet with its owner. Firefighters rescued the bird -- either a falcon or a hawk -- from a palm tree on Gallatin Road and turned it over to SEAACA. The bird was reported to be calm and in good health.

By coincidence, a local resident had earlier approached firefighters who were responding to a residential fire on Lubec Street. The man claimed his pet falcon had escaped from its enclosure and asked fire personnel if they had seen it.

Officials are now hoping to reunite the bird with its owner. If the owner of the bird reads this, he is asked to contact SEAACA or the Downey Fire Department.



Published: Feb. 12, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 44

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