Downey, school district may resurrect task force

Mayor Rick Rodriguez reads to Gauldin Elementary students.

Mayor Rick Rodriguez reads to Gauldin Elementary students.

DOWNEY – After a 14-year hiatus, the Downey Unified School District and City of Downey are close to resurrecting a joint task force.

First created in 1982, the City/School District Task Force was comprised of two school members and two council members, along with city and school district staffers, who met to discuss issues that affected both entities.

Some of the topics of discussion included after-school programming, community policing, traffic safety and parking around schools, Downey Link bus stops, campus improvements, and personnel changes.

The task force met quarterly for the first year but enthusiasm for the meetings dwindled soon after. The group met twice the second year and just once in year three. By 2005, the task force stopped meeting altogether.

DUSD requested the task force be brought back and meet on an annual basis. Board members Tod Corrin and Barbara Samperi have already been appointed to serve on the group.

The City Council will consider its participation Tuesday night.

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