Downey tightens restrictions on massage parlors

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DOWNEY — The City Council further fine-tuned their control of massage parlors on Tuesday, approving new regulations for the operation of such establishments.

With the council’s newest vote, all persons performing massage services must be required to have a state massage certification. Massage establishments would also be prohibited to allow any non-certified individual from performing their services.

Any person who operates or owns 5 percent or more of a massage establishment would also be required to pass a detailed background check, to which approval could be denied or revoked if any of the required findings were not met, or if the applicant made any material misrepresentation or omission during the process.

Each massage establishment would also have to comply with new added operational requirements that were added to the existing health and safety code, including lighting standards, apparel standards, and maintenance of records which must be made available to City staff.

The final vote came at 3-0, with Mayor Rick Rodriguez and Councilwoman Claudia Frometa excused from the meeting.

Citing the severity of crimes that had and could potentially occur within the city, the council had previously established a moratorium on new and expanding massage therapy establishments in early October. That moratorium was subsequently extended in November.

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