Downey's Winter Formal was a thrill ride

BUENA PARK - Love was in the air of one magical night at Downey High School's 2010 winter formal, themed "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, which occurred Jan. 28 at Knott's Berry Farm.Limos, party buses, and cars lined up along the border of Knott's Berry Farm as students slowly crawled out adorned with sparkling gowns and crisp tuxedos. Even before 8 p.m., a crowd of excited students had already been waiting eagerly to possibly grab one of the few tables made available inside the hall where the dance was to be held. Many arrived in groups and made no delay in snapping photos so as to remember this magical night so filled with the promise of fun and maybe even love for some. After a thorough check-in of setting an incredibly bright pink wristband on each individual's wrist as well as showing tickets and identification, students were finally allowed inside the park. All followed the entwining path marked by ropes that eventually led to the hall surrounded by Timber Mountain Log Ride, Accelerator, and Perilous Plunge. Students were given the option to wait in a line to buy and then take photos, step into the hall and begin dancing, or linger off to one of the rides made available specifically for the guests attending this dance. Only a selected few rides remained open, however. Those who needed fresh air after dancing in a sweaty crowd made use of Supreme Scream, Timber Mountain Log Ride, Wipeout, and Boomerang, taking care to secure all clothing items and bejeweled objects. Those containing a craving for food could have grabbed a few cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, and other such treats before heading out to dance or ride. Young ladies did not hesitate to wear a short dress and one pair of very glittery jeans could have been found somewhere in the crowd. However, all gowns and suits became one colorful throng in the middle of the dance floor as students danced in tune to the music playing, sometimes even dancing to the same tunes again and again. However, most held damp faces of contentment as they enjoyed one final dance-a slow one-before gathering all belongings and following the roped trail back to the entrance of the theme park. The effects of a 4-hour dance showed as young ladies walked on bare feet and with heels in hand. Though the dance had given students a sufficient amount of time to have their fun and eventually tire, the party was not over for some. Limos and party buses were parked promptly to either return students to their home or take them on a detour before finally heading back home. Downey High's love story, however, had ended for the night.

********** Published: February 5, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 42

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