Downtown to be decorated for holidays

DOWNEY – It soon will feel a lot more festive in Downtown Downey. In a special meeting Monday, the City Council adopted a holiday decoration and seasonal banner program for downtown.

Holiday street banners will be posted on street lights along Firestone Boulevard, between Dolan Avenue and Myrtle Street; on Downey Avenue between Firestone and 4th Street; and on 3rd Street between New Street and Civic Center Drive.

LED light strands will be wrapped around 20 new palm trees on Firestone, and 119 trees on Downey Avenue. There will also be a one-time purchase of commercial grade garland sprays.

According to a staff report, the decorations will be up year-round but changed routinely according to holidays and special events, such as next summer when Downey becomes a Special Olympics host town.

Total cost of the program is $79,465, which includes an 18-ft. tall replica Sequoia tree with LED mini-lights, custom decorations and a 24-inch crystal star tree topper.

In the staff report, parks and recreation director Arlene Salazar wrote that the goal of the decorating program is to promote “the city’s Discover Downey brand and support the Downtown as a destination choice for residents and visitors alike.”

The city is purchasing 60 street banners per season/special event period (three seasons total). Banners will be hung according to the following schedule:

Late November-early January: Seasons Greetings

January-April: Economic development (shop, dine Downey)

May-July: Special Olympics Host Town program

August-September: International Food Festival

October-November: Economic development (shop, dine Downey)



Published: Nov. 13, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 31

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