Fears for the future

Dear Editor:I read recently the U.S. Attorney General is taking the state of Alabama to court in regards to the state's recently passed laws involving illegal aliens. This is the same tactic that was taken against Arizona. Since there is only one federal U.S. attorney, why would he be instructed to take action against states that pass laws to enforce laws that the federal government refuses to enforce? Who is ordering this done and why isn't anyone within the federal government questioning these acts? I also heard on the news that Republicans are saying basically the Wall Street protestors are nothing to be concerned about and the Democrats are saying basically they are not sure if the groups should be taken seriously. Gov. Brown just signed the Dream Act for students having an illegal alien status to be eligible for state student loans because their parents brought them here knowing they were violating federal immigration laws. The majority of those in elected office refuse to understand. The middle class, or what is left of it, is fed up with the federal good old boy attitude toward their rich buddies. Against the will of the people. Bush loaned all the big corporations billions of taxpayer dollars and before the ink was dry, many individuals on Wall Street that received this bailout money were getting millions of our dollars in bonuses. I guess it was just a slight oversight that none of these decision makers included a stipulation requiring all who received loans to show an accounting of how the money was being spent. This same president told us he was going to hunt down Bin Laden but somewhere along the way he took a left turn and invaded Iraq. Then naturally Afghanistan was soon to follow. I believed before the invasion this was going to be just another Vietnam (I did serve in Southeast Asia) and at the end of the day, everything in these countries will go back to status quo. Nothing I have seen to date changes my original opinion. You can bet a bunch of the good old boys are still making a lot of money at the expense of our young men and women. And last but not least, I am confused about all these companies moving out of the country with each of them saying, in essence, they are doing so because it is cheaper for them to operate and manufacture the product. Assuming this is true, and I do believe it is, why does the price of their product keep going higher here at home? President Obama says he needs the works project money to get people back to work. Wasn't this about the same wording he used when getting Solyndra a $535 million loan guarantee? Just 16 months later the company was being raided by the FBI. I'm still asking where did all the money go? Want to bet that Tesla Motors will eventually follow, even though they received a $465 million loan from the Department of Energy? Again, I am not a serious Republican or Democrat. I look for honesty, integrity and honor and all of these seem to be truly missing in the majority of our elected officials in all forms of government. --David Abney, Downey

********** Published: October 13, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 26

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