For girls, prom can mean organized chaos

Preparing for prom is no easy task for the high school girls of today, as dress couture, accessories, makeup, hair, nails, and of course the perfect date, fall on the everlasting "things I need for prom" list, leaving the girls with quite a task at hand.Many prom attendees have been checking things off of their list weeks before the event, ensuring that procrastination will not impose any hindrance for this anticipated highlight of the year. "That day I have so much to do!" said senior Sarah Buckley. "I have a hair appointment in the morning and a makeup appointment after. I will probably get my nails done the day before to lighten the load of things to do." A frenzy of girls rushing around dress stores and salons at one time may be a chaotic mess, but to many the preparation for prom is all a part of the exciting process that makes the night even more worthwhile. "As a junior going to prom for the first time this year, I'm looking forward to the excitement of finding the perfect dress, hairstyle and makeup," said Savannah Vilaubi. "I have nothing but high expectations and I look forward to a fun night with the perfect date." Speaking of preparation, some students have already jumped ahead of the line and are ready and set for prom. "I'm really excited for prom, and I already bought my dress at a store in L.A," said junior Stephanie Zmuda. "And I've made my makeup appointment at MAC." MAC Makeup is a popular cosmetics counter that provides makeup services with the purchase of at least $50 of their products, and appointments must be made many days prior to guarantee a spot on the limited number of customers they can serve. Although many students decide to get their hair and makeup done at professional salons, there is also a select group of students confident enough to do everything themselves the day of prom. "I'm really excited for prom because I'm going with a super fun group, and the day of prom I'm going to do my own hair and makeup," said senior Kelsey Rysavy. From head to toe, literally, the ladies must worry about attending to every feminine detail of the night. Now the question is, what about the gentlemen? "We just have to jump in the shower at five, put on the tux and shoes at five-fifteen, and of course put on the deodorant, and we're ready like spaghetti!" said senior Allan Cortes. But the prom dates must be mutual in deciding other variables of the night, such as the transportation to prom. Students usually pool together and rent a limo, or with the crazier groups, party buses are ordered to start the party on the way to the dance floor. After prom is yet another thing to plan, as after parties are abundant, while others want to plan their own after-prom event. Regardless of the pre-prom preparation frenzy that every prom attendee gets swept up in, the anticipation for the night makes this event all the more a unique experience that will be a memorable feature in the catalogue of high school moments.

********** Published: May 7, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 3

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