Fresh off European tour, Billy Ocean making Downey stop

billy ocean.jpg

DOWNEY – World-famous R&B singer-songwriter Billy Ocean will be performing at the Downey Theater this Sunday.

Ocean is a Grammy Award winning performer who has sold over 30 million records and several gold and platinum records over his over 40-year career. He is known for such hits such as “Caribbean Queen,” “Loverboy,” “Suddenly,” “There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry),” and “Get Outta My Dreams Get into My Car.”

This will be the first time that Ocean will perform in Downey. He comes into town after an extensive tour of Europe.

“I’ve been touring since the end of February,” said Ocean. “We did Oslo, Denmark, Sweden, Copenhagen, Netherlands. We came home for about four or five days, and then we came out here to LA.”

Ocean will travel on to Australia after leaving Downey.

So far on the tour, Ocean says that his audiences have responded extremely well, and have consisted of old fans and new.

“I had a better response than I expected in Europe; it was organized chaos,” said Ocean. “I’ve been doing a lot of sell out shows lately…there’s good things happening, very good things happening.”

Ocean says that fans can expect to hear the hits at Sunday’s show.

“I’ve got no problems doing the hits, because I think that’s what the people come to hear,” said Ocean. “There will be a couple of unexpected things in it obviously, but mostly the show is 90 percent songs that they know; hit songs.”

“Sometimes I see three generations in my concert…and they don’t just stand up, they’re singing the songs. The kids are singing the songs, which I find very interesting.”

Ocean says that he hopes that he is looking forward to “coming and singing to the people.”

“We sing together. We enjoy ourselves together,” said Ocean. “They’re not the only ones to enjoy themselves; I enjoy myself too.”

Tickets for Sunday’s show are still available and can be found online or purchased at the box office.