'Go Ask Alice' a must read for teens

With more than five million copies sold, Go Ask Alice is a book that many teenagers turn to when they need something to relate to or when they just want to have some sense of experience in the world of sex, drugs and mischief.Go Ask Alice is a diary written by a 15-year-old girl who tells a story of what it is like to live and be a part of society in her day. Her story shows the harsh and horrifying reality that many teens from each generation have possibly gone through. Although the author is anonymous, you find yourself closely identifying with the author and you even feel as if you know her personally. You are reading her thoughts and every thing that goes on in her mind, making you feel like you have become her dear and closest friend. You live with her and her experiences through every entry. Her days are filled with every experience a young teen could possible go through. Through her words, you live the life of someone who has much insecurity about the way she looks or even how she measures up to others. Like every adolescent, she faces the struggle of not having the perfect relationship with her family. You feel the pain she goes through when having to deal with her relationship with her friends and the many boys in her life. Through each page you notice changes in the way she views life and you slowly begin to see her get sucked into a world away from her quiet comfortable family and into a life filled with sex and drugs. As months go by, you see her constantly turn her back on her family as she tries to live comfortably on the streets with either friends or on her own. With each mistake she makes, she begins to feel sorry, but the thrill of the drugs can never escape her. She realizes that living life is harder than it seems. This strong reality never ceases to amaze readers and many teens feel she is someone who has gone far into her mind, a place where no one else dares to go. There is no doubt that this powerful young adult book will leave you cringing as you turn each page. This quick, simple read will never let you forget the life of this young teenage girl. This young girl's diary make you wonder how someone could live through such an extraordinary life.

********** Published: May 29, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 6

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