Help for our troops

Dear Editor:Thank you for taking a second out of your busy work schedule to read my little letter. My name is Josh Wright and I have adopted the 1st Battalion 5th Marines during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I know a few Marines that have deployed back out to defend our country, some for a third to fifth tour. The Marines understand the sacrifices and are willing to make them, but some are afraid they will be forgotten while on deployment. Please, I do not want to see that happen. These brave Marines - I have had the honor to meet them personally - are more than heroes in my book. They are legends. I was wondering if your family, friends, church or co-workers would like to help support some Marines by sending thick boot socks (size 6-12), underwear (size 32-36), foot cream, hand warmer pack/heat packs, body wash and lotion, instant hot coco mix, baby wipes, eye drops, and/or chewing tobacco. These are just a few of the items Marines ask for. It's just something to place a small smile on their young faces and let them know we have not forgotten about them. The Marines also enjoy receiving letters of support, the Sunday comics, jokes, magazines (FHM, Maxim, Car & Truck, etc.), care packages, or anything for that matter. Flat rate priority mail boxes are always a cheap way to go. It costs around $9-$13 to send a flat rate box, but you can pack it as much as you like. Please make sure to tell the post office you are sending the box to a war zone. They will give you a custom form you need to fill out. If you would like to donate items, a drop-off location is the Marine Corps Career Center located across the street from Downey High School. - Josh Wright, Downey ********** Published: February 27, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 45

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