Here are the sculptures being considered for Downtown Downey

DOWNEY – The City Council on Tuesday will consider spending $320,250 to install five pieces of public art in Downtown Downey.

The sculptures would be fabricated and installed by JK Designs, Inc., which also does business as The National Sculptor’s Guild.

Below are the proposed art pieces and their locations:

Sculpture 1

“A Different Perspective” by Jane DeDecker

Location: southwest corner of Downey Avenue and 2nd Street

sculpture 1.jpg

About the sculpture: “The artwork depicts a young man balancing on his hands. This would be a playful and fun installation that relates to the youthful nature of this neighborhood with universal appeal. This work is visually dynamic from all angles as the composition continually leads the eye around.

“The artwork I am proposing exists as a maquette which I will use to point up to life size making the figure 6 ft. high.”

Sculpture 2

“Homeward Monarch” by Joe Norman

sculpture 2.jpg

Location: southeast corner of Downey Avenue and 2nd Street

About the sculpture: “The intention behind these multi-focal sculptures is to open dialogue of how we can transform ideas/statements/actions through a simple change of one’s own perspective. As the viewer approaches the artwork they will see either the form of butterflies or words emerge and become clear.”

Sculpture 3

“My Heart is in Your Hands” by Jane DeDecker

Location: southern side of the driveway entry at 8244 3rd St.

sculpture 3.jpg

About the sculpture: “A depiction of two figures in the shape of a heart, holding each other’s hands and leaning back, displaying a deep level of trust. I love [creating] artwork that extends to so many on different levels. While this piece could spark a connection for a couple walking down the street, the overall message of trust, love and unity truly extends to the whole community of Downey.”

Sculpture 4

“Infinite Dance” by Carol Gold

Location: west side of Downey Avenue, adjacent to the southwest corner of Downey Avenue and 4th Street

sculpture 4.jpg

About the sculpture: “The inspiration behind this design springs from notions of equilibrium and transformation, ideas that are necessary for the sustained health of society.

“This sculpture depicts a female figure dancing atop a large ring. The joyfully dancing figure represents the vibrant cultural scene of Downtown Downey.

“The shape of a circle holds deep symbolism, referring to concepts such as: inclusion, unity, wholeness and infinity.

“The cast bronze figure measuring 7 ft. high, 4.5 ft. wide by 2.5 ft. deep is securely attached to a stainless steel ring with a 7 ft. diameter.”

Sculpture 5

“On a Roll” by Jack Hill

Location: in front of 10846 Downey Ave.

sculpture 5.jpg

About the sculpture: “The composition is of a banana on roller skates. This vibrant piece echoes the light-hearted community of Downey while bringing attention to a healthy lifestyle by depicting diet and activity in a fun way.

“The enlargement will be cast in bronze and measure 6 ft. tall The patina will add a bright, bold sculpture to the space that visitors to downtown will enjoy.”

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