Here’s the scoop

Dear Editor: Are you the dog owner who walks your dog in our neighborhood without a pooper scooper? And the coward who walks your dog after dark so no one would see you being so irresponsible and lazy?

Please either stop walking your dog on Country Club Drive or start scooping up your dog’s poop. Or better yet, just let your dog out in your yard to poop, then you can just leave the mess at home.

We have camera shots of you, but unfortunately we cannot identify you yet. So here’s the scoop: perhaps we should submit the photos to The Downey Patriot and ask for the public’s help in identifying you. I’m sure the good citizens of Downey will be watching out for you now so they won’t have to scoop you’re dog’s mess.

If you have one ounce of decency, you will cease and desist from being a thoughtless dog owner. All we’re asking you to do is use a pooper scooper.

Alexa Davis




Published: Nov. 6, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 30

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