Honoring veterans

Dear Editor:I attended the Memorial Day tribute at the Downey Cemetery. I consider myself patriotic and have always thought about our soldiers on Memorial Day, but for the first time in years, I truly felt connected to what Memorial Day represents. To have had the honor of looking into a veteran's eyes and saying "thank you" and to reflect on the many white crosses and American flags, was all very touching. As I thanked one of the veterans, he handed me an old bullet shell. I will keep it as a reminder of all the sacrifices that were made for our freedom. I looked at a few of the veterans' faces during the playing of "Taps" and could only imagine what they were thinking and feeling. I remember feeling great gratitude and respect for each of them. For those who have not attended the Memorial Day tribute, I hope you will put it on your calendar for next year. Every seat should be taken and every soldier honored. - Christina Anderson, Downey

********** Published: June 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 7

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