How to celebrate Valentine's Day single

DOWNEY - Every year thousands of people throughout the country stomp into stores and buy out everything in sight that is red and/or pink. Naturally most teens feel the need to be in a relationship, but this mainly pertains to women. Guys have taken a different approach to the whole high school relationship, In staggering numbers ''high school'' guys have the tendency of breaking up with their partner right before these holidays, mainly pertaining to anything having to deal with gift giving. But how is one to spend this 'lovey-dovey' day, without a valentine to cuddle up with at night?The best way to beat this "holiday" is to keep one constantly busy. By staying busy, no matter if its by engulfing one in homework or by just hanging out with friends, the purpose is to keep the mind off of the whole couple aspect. Hanging out with friends is one of the best remedies to beat the loneliness Valentine's Day brings along. Attending a movie, going on a road trip, babysitting are just a few activities most single students partake in during these lonely times. If being busy is not your cup of tea, there are other ways to keep occupied during this lovely holiday. Such as, making other couples miserable, one way would be by throwing water balloons at couples passing by. Naturally, it is not right, but it can be extremely funny to watch their day go down the drain. Hopefully they won't be a bad sport about the whole incident, but if not just be prepared to run. Most likely find a good friend who is also single so that you both can share Valentine's Day together making other couples days horrible. One thing to keep in mind is just in case the 'prank' goes south have running shoes on, just incase you may have to out run your friend. ********** Published: February 6, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 42

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