In need of sidewalks

Dear Editor:There should be more sidewalks in Downey because without sidewalks we have a greater chance of getting hit by a car or getting in trouble with the law for walking in the street. It would also be nice to have sidewalks so we could go for walks and walk our dogs. Living without sidewalks has become a safety hazard for the children in our neighborhood. We have an increasing number of children walking home due to parents working late hours. We need to ensure that these children have one less risk of getting hurt when walking home. As a community we should fundraise to help this cause and provide not only a safer Downey but a more appealing community. If we all come together and work hard I'm sure we could accomplish our goal of creating a safer community for our children and future generations in the great place of Downey we call home. - Arturo Hernandez, Downey

********** Published: December 18, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 35

Julie Ledesma