'Inception' lives up to the hype

Negative comments are virtually non-existent for "Inception," as even the pickiest of moviegoers could not help but rave about the mind-boggling plot in the film and of director Christopher Nolan's brilliance."Inception completely blew my mind and literally had me at the edge of the seat," said Zulma Deleon, a student at Warren. "The movie's creativity is totally original with a twisted ending that makes you question what is real and what is not. Director Christopher Nolan out did himself once again. The 'Dark Knight' was a masterpiece but 'Inception' was an epidemic achievement!" So why is everyone addicted to "Inception"? Throughout the film, viewers are forced to question the truth about reality, and are challenged to explore the subconscious mind of dreams. Although the plot sends your head spinning in a million directions, the complexity of the scenario will have your eyes glued to the screen, and may even have you watching the film more than once during its release. "Because the story is unlike any I've seen, I had to watch it twice to process the movie completely," said Deleon. "Although I knew what to expect the second time, I was still filled with amazement! And I was able to comprehend small details that I hadn't before. Inception has no words to describe its original, mind-blowing creativity!" A production released in theatres on July 16, "Inception" has grasped the imagination of millions of viewers nationwide, climbing the charts as a blockbuster. A Sci-Fi action film set within the architecture of the mind and dreams, this mind-boggling narrative depicts a team of information extractors set about to do the unthinkable: plant a seedling of an idea into the mind of Robert Fischer, a soon-to-be inheritor of a multibillion-dollar corporation. "I went in with no general knowledge about the movie so when it started I was confused, but as it went on I began to understand the dreaming process," said senior Brianna Mendoza. "I definitely recommend it to others because it makes you wonder whether we're living in a dream or in reality." Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled information extractor, who travels within the depths of dreams to open the vault of information that is locked away in the subject's mind. To do this, the extractor and the victim are connected to a sedative device that entraps them within a dream world, where pain is felt and time is lengthened, but death within the dream means a return to reality. Contrary to extraction, the task of inception is a complicated task that is unimaginable to the rest of Cobb's team, but Cobb seems mysteriously to have experience in this arena and drags his team members into a three-dream layer, using an extremely powerful sedative. Cobb slyly does not mention the terrifying dangers that accompany delving into a deep 'dream within a dream,' as his history with his suicidal wife intermingles with his motives and unravels throughout the plot. Despite worries that the movie may be quite too complex and 'weird' to become popular, the masses of viewers and fans of various ages have proved previous critiques wrong, as word of mouth and high-budget advertisement continues to draw in new viewers.

********** Published: July 29, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 15