Introducing Deborah Won

Along with being the newest addition to Student Life, Deborah Won is involved in many other activities: cheerleading, piano, politics, and founding her own club.Won, 16, is a rising junior at Warren High. A cheerleader since eighth grade, Won will be on the varsity cheer squad this year. She has been playing the piano since 3 and occasionally plays piano accompaniment for the I.A.M.S. (Institute of Art, Music, and Science) Youth Ensemble. Won says she is interested in politics and hopes to major in political science in college. She has had years of leadership experience through A.S.B. (Associated Student Body) and was Sophomore Vice President at Warren. Won says she is starting her own club on campus this year called Small Change. "We want to promote student participation in Warren High activities and provide fundraising opportunities to students," she said. Interview by Jennifer Cho

********** Published: August 21, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 18

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