Introducing Gabriela Coya

Senior year is the year where everyone gets their chance to shine. It is the year where young men and women seek out new opportunities and prepare themselves for their future. For Downey High School senior Gabriela Coya, new opportunities and preparation are aspects she is well used to. "I'm looking forward to having more of a role at Downey and enjoying my last year of adolescence," stated Coya. As the newly instated president of her school's Ecology Club, Gabriela, who is referred to as Gaby by her peers, has the chance to bring significant change not only to the school, but to the community as well. In addition to her efforts to save the environment, she exercises her freedom of speech rights as vice president of the Junior Statesmen of America club, also known as JSA. Along with her cabinet positions on two demanding clubs, Gaby is a 4.0 student who juggles A.P. and honors classes. An only child, Coya enjoys American literature, Broadway plays and show tunes, and spending time with her friends for fun. College and careers are on her radar, however she is keeping her options open. Interview by Joseph Apodaca ********** Published: August 21, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 18

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