Job hunt is tough, not impossible

With the economy struggling, finding a job can be a difficult thing to do, especially for teenagers. Teens are eager to go out in search of a job in the city of Downey and are ready to make money. Some get lucky and get the first job they apply for and others not so much."I've been looking up and down Downey, Lynwood, and South Gate looking for a job since summer and I get the same response from them all: 'Sorry we can't afford to hire any more people.'" said Lidia Rodriguez, 17. Rodriguez was able to get a group interview at a store called Zumiez, in Stonewood Center, where she had no luck. "They broke it down to us that maybe 10 out of all three groups were going to get picked. They explained [that] because of the economic troubles out there, that it was harder for them to hire more people." First impressions are crucial. They are a big factor in what can either get one an interview with the manager of the place and having the possibility of getting hired or it can get one an instant rejection. Certain places have a "look" that they want to portray such as Hot Topic which is a more "gothic/punker" look or Hollister that reaches more for the "classic American" look. When applying to such places with an obvious "look," it is best to dress the part before asking for an application or going in for an interview. In some places it might not matter much, as long as one looks presentable. "I dressed in a normal white shirt and a pair of jeans, your basic casual clothing." said Jonathan Mendez, 17, who has been working at Del Taco for a year. "Del Taco was actually the first place that I went to and luckily I got hired after applying." Finding a place that has an open position can be hard, but once they are found, qualifications become another obstacle. From the various types jobs one may be looking for, most jobs look for experienced people that look approachable, nice and friendly. "I almost didn't get the job because I didn't have any experience but the owner said I looked nice, smart and a potential great employee." said Eva Rangel, 17, who has been working at 3rd Street Coffee for six months. "I had applied to about 10 other places and none of them wanted to hire me because I had no other real job experience." Job hunting may not be easy, but with persistence, a nice friendly-first impression, positive attitude, and an attempt to look the part, one might find a nice job in the city of Downey. Teenagers should be in no rush to find a job. School should always come first and a job should be looked for when the time is called for. ********** Published: January 16, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 39

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