Letter to the Editor: active lifestyles

Dear Editor:

In light of your recent article, “Obesity is Costing You” (4/16/15) about individuals dealing with their battle with obesity, the author Eleazar Kadile shared the many struggles many individuals face. 

Obesity has become a prevalent topic because of the high increasing rates across the country and as Kadile shares, “If you don’t take action today, it can cost you many days from your future…” I couldn’t agree more with her except I think as a society we need to make lifestyle changes as a whole and invest in prevention programs so that we may have healthier communities. 

Society as well as our environment today has changed in many ways from what it once was, and because of that many people have fallen short into adjusting with society’s new ways and have been affected negatively. 

A program with an active lifestyle approach along with healthy eating while assisting families and individuals to incorporate it to their daily life can be a start to a healthy lifestyle change and a change for the community.

Christina Calderon

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