LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bottled water production

Dear Editor:

Referring to the letter “Bottle Versus Tap” (Aug. 13, 2015), did anyone else notice that 800,000 gallons of water is being used daily from our “large soft drink manufacturing plant”? 

Need I mention we’re experiencing an extreme drought in Southern California? 

What I find upsetting is we (Downey residents) are expected to limit our water use or pay a penalty. We’re doing our part; no running through the sprinklers on hot days or watering our lawns and even cutting down our trees (there goes our oxygen and ecosystem), not to mention taking shorter showers, less clothes washing, just to mention a few. 

My question is: What does our “large soft drink manufacturing plant” plan to do in conserving 800,000 gallons of water daily? Maybe consider production of bottled water in a non-drought state temporary. 

All I know is there’s other means out there and they’ve got to figure out how to save the city from getting penalized by Sacramento, or does that cost fall on us? I’m just asking. Thank you.

Debra Walker-Nipp

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