Letter to the Editor: Democratic ideology

Dear Editor:

Listening to the Democratic debates, I can’t help but wonder what our founding fathers would say when hearing proposals to tax, tax, tax, eliminate all fossil fuels, provide nationalized healthcare to all residents including those entering our country illegally, eliminate private health insurance, keep open borders to allow anyone and everyone into our beloved country -- all to support the radical left’s ideology to instill socialism in our federal and state governments.

Sadly, in California, we are already experiencing socialism under a one-party Democratic legislature and an autocratic governor.

In California, however, there is an upside to taxing the rich 70% of their income, imposing stiff regulations on housing and businesses, and taxing anything and everything including water. The rich will say enough is enough and move themselves and their businesses to another state or out of the country.

With the richest top 1% (does not include me) of Californians supporting 48.5% of the state budget, their exodus would result in:

Less immigration. With the state budget lacking in funds, subsidizing healthcare and offering other benefits to the illegal residents would have to be greatly reduced, prompting many to return to their own countries.

Reduced traffic. With businesses and jobs moving out of California, which is already happening, there will be fewer vehicles on the road.

Less people - less crime.

The end result will be a less populated California. Those of us remaining in California and not in the 1% upper income bracket will not be able to support the Democratic legislature and Gov. Newsom’s grandiose plans to further socialize California.

During this time of celebrating our country’s independence, we need to pray to God for restoration of civility, morality, justice and honorable leaders to preside in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our federal government as well as in our state governments. We need leaders who have the intelligence, patriotism, and sincere love for our country and its people to lead.

Sadly, the Democratic ideology is totally lacking in all respects.

Martha Morrissy

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