Letter to the Editor: Dennis Prager's willful ignorance

Dear Editor:

I just read Dennis Prager's article, a rant against leftists that somehow has something to do with the wall. The article is nothing but hot air.

From what I've heard the Democrats are not opposed to modern effective border security. In many parts of the border a wall would be useless; drones and more patrols would be much more effective. Prager should know that that's what the Democrats support.

In Prager's telling the Democrats are silly people. No, he looks pretty silly for being pathetically uninformed. Just a cursory search online reveals that in Texas for certain and other border locations as well, many landowners are opposed to the federal government's plan to confiscate parts of their property via eminent domain for the purpose of building the wall, storing materials, etc. They have organized and will take the federal government to court, and that opposition and those court proceedings will outlast Trump's term in office.

The Democrats as a whole and Republicans whose congressional districts run along the border know this wall business is a fiasco and will never be built. Why doesn't Dennis Prager know it?

Muriel Schuerman

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