Letter to the Editor: Double whammy

Dear Editor:

It must have been a terribly depressing week for the Compassionista's.

First, they thought they had The Donald over a barrel when he weighed in on the Syrian-refugee crisis with his statement about barring Muslims and admitting Christians; only to find out that the United States Code governing this act of compassion requires the government to inquire as to the religious practice of someone requesting asylum from persecution -- Whammy No. 1

Then, to make matters even worse, when -- in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings -- it was suggested that we need to deny admission to Muslims until we can figure out who are the good guys, and which are the one's that wish to kill us; they went on a tear saying how keeping out an entire class of people is "not who we are, not what America is". 

Oops! - It must have been doubly concerting when they found out that during the '79-'81 Hostage Crisis in Iran, President Jimmy Carter barred ALL Iranians from entry into the United States absent a finding of persecution by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and it was perfectly legal, and constitutional.

The Double Whammy!

It's that inconvenient Art-I, Sec-8(4), of the Constitution granting Congress the power to decide who gets to enter the United States, and for what reason(s).

We must be running very short on Fainting Couches right about now.

Drew Kelley

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