Letter to the Editor: Early fireworks

Dear Editor:

On May 29, the firework season already started. Last year it didn’t end until Aug. 15. 

It amazes me that there are still so many people who just don’t care about causing heart and nerve trauma to both people as well as to a great many pets. It also amazes me that the city officials refuse to effectively deputize the people to get photographic evidence, and if it is sufficient to fine someone, then whoever took the photograph gets to keep half of the fine as a gift for serving the community. 

Otherwise, we might as well admit that this situation is never going to get resolved because the city council and the police at are a complete loss as to coming up with an effective way to deal with this situation. 

As of May 29, from 9 p.m. to midnight you cannot sleep soundly because of all the intermittent fireworks by so many cowardly morons. This creating of a literal war zone atmosphere is truly unfair for all the returned combat veterans who cannot recover from their war traumas. This firework noise is truly traumatizing to the heart and nerves, and it is one of those senseless, despicable, uncaring, and horrifying human behaviors that makes you truly embarrassed to be a human being. 

It is insulting to many of us that so many have not yet evolved beyond the level of being an intentional imbecile. What is that song? “God bless America.” I ask, why? So we can be more selfish, noisy, and more pathetically uncaring? When so many still behave with such uncaring depravity we don’t deserve to be blessed. Furthermore, why are we so selfish that we can’t ask God to bless the entire world? 

Why don’t we do something novel and bless ourselves and our communities, by being more refined, quiet and caring people?

Danny Wright

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