Letter to the Editor: Fed up

Dear Editor:

This next week will determine the moral heart of our beaut country. The election on Tuesday will be a referendum or a clear denunciation of the moral leadership of this President and Congress.

I am a registered Republican that has always voted for who I believe is best to lead our country regardless of party affiliation. I have been frankly shocked and disturbed by the actions of the President and his supporters in Congress.

I believe in less regulation but not at the expense of our planet and children’s future. I believe in fiscal conservatism but we are now reaching a trillion dollar deficit. Tax cuts should have been for the middle class first. Corporations did not need a 21% rate. They would have been fine with a 25% rate. Then we could have kept our State and local tax deductions along with our Employee Business Expense deductions. We are in for a rude awakening when we file our taxes next year.

Mitch McConnell announced last week that cuts must be made to entitlements to make up for the lost hundreds of billions of corporate tax revenues. That means Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other safety nets will be cut.

This is a morally bankrupt President that has filled his administration with indicted and convicted individuals, pays off mistresses, turns a blind eye to the murdering of a journalist for greed (you can tell the Saudi’s to remove the prince), complains about how a MAGA bomber affects his campaign, supports white nationalists and declared himself a Nationalist (wink-wink) and is in a constant state of acting like a spoiled 10- year-old boy that has no sense of empathy.

This man needs to have cold water thrown in his face to wake home up to the reality that the majority of Americans are exhausted with his personal attacks and praising of despots and our enemies. The time has come to make a moral choice. We can force a correction upon him and hope that he will try to listen to all sides and find reasonable compromise. We have the power.

I plead with you all to take a step back and look at our current state of our Union and search for your better angels. God bless America!

John Alexander

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