Letter to the Editor: Grammar on campus

Dear Editor:

I would to to take this opportunity to applaud Mary-Ellen Quintana for her article “Memo to Downey Unified: It’s Buses, not Busses,” (8/29/19).

My wife, Anita, and I often walk by Maude Price Elementary School to exercise and to clean up the streets of Downey and the front of the school. As I pass the kindergarten area I have seen the sign “No Parking Busses Exempt.”

To be honest, the sign bothers me and I feel kind of guilty for not speaking out sooner. It is bad spelling.

The gramatical rule that I learned when I was learning English was that when the word ends in “s” and one needs to make it plural, one adds the “es.” Bus = Buses.

I meant to say something about it a long time ago, but for some reason I forgot. Thanks Mary-Ellen Quintana for bringing up the subject.

Let’s hope that learning correct spelling is part of the curriculum at Maude Price Elementary.

For my part, I will continue walking and cleaning the streets and part of the school because I love this city and its schools.

In addition to cleaning, my wife and I are working to combat climate change through passing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act now currently in Congress (HR763).

It would reduce emissions by at least 40% within 12 years; it is effective, good for people, good for the economy, bipartisan and revenue neutral.

Guido Rivero

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