Letter to the Editor: Little League fees are reasonable

Dear Editor:

I read last week’s comments from a writer comparing our little league to a Mafia. Really? Wow.

Sounds like another uninformed, un-involved parent to me. As a 20-year past board member of Downey Fastpitch Girls Softball, I know the facts of running a league. Does Mr. Brown? Has he ever served on a board or seen what a league has to pay?

A $25 registration fee will not pay for: league Insurance, uniforms, equipment, umpires (who can take over 50% of this income), fields, trophies, or repairs to the snack shack.

Then there is working the snack shack - which no parent ever wants to do. Parents were willing to pay a fee to hire a student to work their shift as they never show up. They, of course, want to watch their little one play and can’t miss 2 hours.

These fees are definitely reasonable. Get involved and thank those sports groups for volunteering their time so we still have recreational leagues here in town.

Dorothy Pemberton

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