LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mexican Beverly Hills

Dear Editor:

I find it amusing that Ms. Tina Vasquez questions the fact that Downey is a better city to live in than any of the surrounding communities. ("No, Downey is Not 'Mexican Beverly Hills,' 8/6/15)

Our property values are higher because we have professional police and fire departments that keep us safe and very good public schools that prepare our children for success in college or in whatever activity they choose to engage. A simple poll of people who live in surrounding cities will prove that all of them would rather live in Downey if they could.

It is appropriate that those of us who chose to assimilate the U.S. culture be rewarded with all the benefits than being an American citizen entails us. Those who prefer not to assimilate would do well by moving to places where they feel more comfortable. I am willing to bet that they would not choose their places of origin.

It saddens me that Ms. Vasquez has not achieved the financial success that she deserves so that she could move to a better area of Downey. I respectfully suggest that she continues working hard so that eventually she can chose a better place to live. I hope she chooses to stay in a better area of Downey.

Jorge Montero

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