Letter to the Editor: New home construction

Dear Editor:

Who knew that in 2019 it’s still possible to build a new home in Downey that looks like a Downey home.

Today, while traveling through an unfrequented section of my Downey neighborhood, I was a bit shocked (pleasantly so) to see a new home under construction that probably would have seemed completely normal to a resident in 1960.

An L-shaped ranch style house was rising from the ashes of a home that had burned down a couple of years ago. One story with no signs of McMansionitis [sic] taking hold. It looks very nice, and might I say, probably very affordable.

Seeing this gives me hope that Downey need not be totally transformed into a generic suburb of the 21st century. Kudos to the owners that decided to buck the trend and not create another eye sore that casts ugly shadows upon their neighbors homes.

Marty Backe

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