Letter to the Editor: No more bars in Downtown Downey

Dear Editor:

So The Avenue is going to be another drinking establishment? (“Proposed Buyer of Avenue Theatre Asks to Extend Escrow,” 3/28/19)

First, Foxy’s became the Downey Brewing Company, a place that the new owners didn’t even bother fixing on the outside but is obviously succeeding in attracting the hardcore drinking crowd.

Then Club DB Lounge and Godtti’s on Firestone have been expanded and draw even more drinking crowds late into the morning hours.

Oh, then you have the restaurants that are truly bars with food that have gone through suspicious name changes: BRB (formerly Mi Cielo) and Tempo Cantina (formerly Cocina Distrito).

The part that seems the most deceitful is that many of these Downey businesses started off by saying they were going to offer “quality eating experiences” and shortly after they stop providing decent food and focus exclusively on the sale of alcohol.

What is there to draw anyone to the Downtown Downey scene? Only the farmers market on Saturdays, the new Studio Movie Grill, and a few legitimate eating establishments. Other than that, the revamping of downtown has sold out to the highest bidder, those who don’t care about creating a downtown with character and charm and instead focus on the monetary potential: alcohol sells!

M. Padilla

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