Letter to the Editor: No such thing as 'free college'

Dear Editor:

I’m tired of hearing free college for all from the progressive and socialist Democrats. They never talk about how this will be funded besides taxing the billion and millionaires. Here are some questions that should be asked.

  • 1. What colleges can students enroll?

  • 2. What is the maximum tuition per student?

  • 3. Will medical students tuitions be fully funded?

  • 4. Will students pay back the tuition if they drop out?

  • 5. Will colleges increase the tuition since the government will be paying the bill?

  • 6. Will the wealthy students be eligible for free tuition?

Politicians cannot maintain and administer the K-12 public schools. Look at Measure EE ! Politicians were sure that the measure would pass because “It’s for the children.” They didn’t care that the property tax increase would be a burden on the property and homeowners (ie 1300 sq ft home = $240 increase). I’m glad the people voted this measure down.

If the “free college for all” is ever passed be prepared for “higher taxes for all.”

Bob Rodriguez

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