Letter to the Editor: Our country needs God

Dear Editor:

I’m grateful to the Downey Patriot for printing articles and letters to inform people of Downey.

First, Martha Morrissy’s letter regarding Congressional qualifications. Some are termed “representative” which is a joke unless one considers they were there to represent themselves. It would be nice if we had someone to represent the people. Or is it the fault of the people who vote for someone so they will get something free, or don’t keep themselves informed? Whichever, it is sad to see our country go down and it will happen.

When I see that 225 million illegals will be transported to different areas in the next five years, who will support them? These are people who are here illegally. We are told that Social Security will be bankrupt in a few years. We paid into this but the government will spend money on programs not paid into.

Consider what France, England and Germany are going through, having no borders and allowing people in from so many countries. Their whole countries have changed with no remedy. What politicians don’t understand is that illegal meals it is against hte law, so they change the name to “undocumented,” not having enough intelligence to know that changing the name does not change the law. There is a legal way to come, but the Democrats and RINOs choose to ignore our laws and will not build a wall to control our borders.

What America needs most are God and prayer.

Second, Congress does so much nastiness, mud slinging, hateful actions, and no cooperation. I can’t think of anything they have done except fight Trump. I wonder if it is lack of intelligence or just stupidity among the Democrats and some Republicans. I wouldn’t worry about global warming. Unless drastic changes are made, the U.S. as we know it won’t still be here. We will be on the heap of past civilizations or trying to migrate to another country. Also, much of our First Amendment freedom of speech is curtailed because of political correctness.

Next, I do not believe one such as Armando Herman, who uses such filthy language at City Council meetings, should be allowed to come before the City Council until he can control his filthy tongue. Councilman Fernando Vasquez was right to have him removed because of his filthy speech that should not be allowed in a public meeting.

Elsa Van Leuven

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