Letter to the Editor: Pay for your own education

Dear Editor:

The op-ed about student loans being forgiven and free college education for all is madness and irresponsible.

Who is going to finance this dream? Of course the students will say the 1% billionaires but it always comes down to the middle class homeowners. 

Politicians are always quick to support new tax plans to obtain money. Look at the new tax bills on the upcoming ballot. I now own my home and will be retiring next year on a fixed income. Any new property taxes will make life difficult.

Students should pay for their own tuition and loans. Students are saying, "Applaud me" or "You should be helping me!" How about living within your means? I got a job, purchased a home and paid it off. Why can't you do the same thing with your student loans?

My daughters have a college degree and one has a masters. They worked while going to college and no student loans. If you want a free education, join the armed forces and serve your country. Students want a free education so they don't have to worry about debt so they can buy a BMW right away. Hmmm. Look at all the expensive cars in the parking structures and you want a free education.

Be responsible and don't add to our national debt.

Robert Rodriguez

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