Letter to the Editor: PIH staff

Dear Editor: 

I, Ernest Caldwell, was admitted to PIH on June 29 with a temperature of 103. I was feeling my time was up on this side of the living. 

But my faith in God is stronger than of death knocking on my door. I have the faith that God will send angels into your life when you need them. 

From my beginning of my stay until the end of my stay here at PIH, God sent angels to take care of me. I was treated with so much love, I felt like I died and went to heaven. I asked one of the nurses, "What class did you guys attend that taught you how to be so loving, caring and respectful?" I told her because there are some staff at another hospital that need to take that class. She smiled and said, "Thank you, sir, for the compliment." 

Even my wife, Sandra, spoke highly of the staff here at PIH. She said from the time she walked in the front door, all the staff was so sweet to her. 

I write this letter to thank all of the PIH staff for the love they showed me and my wife. I feel the need to mention by name the staff that attended to me. 

My nurse managers: Pam Navarro and Sienna Romo; my RNs: Kavla Hong, Janice Astilla and Cynthia Thomas; my PCAs: Joel Gonzalez and Toni Walker; food and nutrition services: Judith Griffin; and all the doctors that attended to me. 

God is very pleased with your guys' performance. God bless the PIH staff. 

Ernest Caldwell

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