Letter to the Editor: Problems in Downey

Dear Editor:

The traffic on Florence and Haledon is terrible between the hours of 7:30 am until about 8:30 am. People are so inconsiderate that they do not allow traffic to go onto Florence from Haledon. The gridlock is awful.

Maybe the city should consider a "Keep Clear" on this intersection since no one can get by on these hours of the morning. It apparently works on Florence and Arrington.

Also, the traffic on Lakewood and Gallatin is terrible in the later hours of the day. People continue to make a left turn into the driveway into the Ralph's market, which is illegal. The people going into McDonald's also cut across the double double lines making a left just because they don't want to wait.

We need a solution to this problem. Maybe a police officer issuing tickets, or just a cement divider like you have put everywhere else. 

The landscaping on Lakewood Blvd between Florence and Mueller is out of control. The residents who own those homes do not realize that their bushes are hanging over to the sidewalk. Some residents have their fences falling down which is dangerous since people walk through that street. Maybe code enforcement should notify these residents so they can resolve the issues. 

We attend the gym at the Downey Landing, LA Fitness, and behind Pier 1 Import there is a water valve that has been leaking for over a month. Someone needs to correct that problem, since there is still a water storage.

M. Contreras

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