Letter to the Editor: Proof we landed on the moon

Dear Editor:

In response to Mike Sandoval’s recent letter (“Moon Landing Denier,” 12/26/18) and his yearly July letter denying the moon landing, there is plenty of evidence that proves that it really did happen.

There are two main concrete pieces of evidence: pictures of the moon landing sites and the moon rocks brought back.

To begin with, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter that launched in 2009 has taken pictures of the Apollo landing sites and other countries’ space agencies (China, India, Japan) have spotted that same sites with their own satellites.

The second solid evidence comes from the 382 kilograms of moon rocks and that was brought back from the Apollo 11 mission and given to 135 other countries. Multiple tests were performed that confirmed they were of lunar origin.

This was later confirmed in the 1970’s when the Soviet Union’s Luna unmanned spacecraft brought back a third of one kilogram of rocks back to Earth and shared samples with international scientists that confirmed the same characteristics of the moon rocks brought back by Apollo 11.

There is other evidence of the Apollo 11 mission: such as explaining the more common topics of the pictures, such as why the US flag appears to be waving, why no stars appear in the background and the shadows, but I figured the best evidence to prove the Apollo 11 moon landing was through the concrete evidence I explained: the pictures of the landing sites from other independent space agencies and the moon rocks.

All the facts are there, but I am interested to hear Mr. Sandoval’s theories regarding the independent space agencies’ pictures and the moon rocks.

Guillermo Vazquez

OpinionStaff Report