Letter to the Editor: Race in America

Dear Editor:

I greatly admire those in the black church who practice what is taught in the Bible -- forgiveness! We all have to ask ourselves what our reaction would have been. 

Maybe we are focusing on the wrong thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could be grateful that there are still wonderful Christians and follow their example? If people would demonstrate forgiveness as the Charlotte AME Church has shown, and forgive those who in generations past had slaves, we wouldn’t have these racial problems. They way it is now, one would think we still have slaves today. 

What a pitiful, pathetic bunch of people in the US who can’t accept and see the beautiful outpouring of the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, rather than the New York Times and the instructors of most all major universities. Georgetown, Harvard (the list goes on) are so liberal and progressive that I’m sure they would have been happier had the blacks in Charlotte looted, stolen TVs, computers, iPads, drugs, etc. and burned down the city and then shot at policemen as in Ferguson. 

What has happened in the US? Not since the Ku Klux Klan and integration in the south and the hatred of the Southern Democratic governors has there been such hatred and divisiveness.
Was it not Hillary’s husband, Bill, who signed the bill allowing the Confederate flag to be flown in the south? Now some are asking for statues to be destroyed -- lighten up! These statues aren’t going to come to life and hurt you. They’re part of our history -- not all history is good. 

Wouldn’t one think that electing a half-black president twice would show that the majority of the country is not prejudiced? What does it take? 

Elsa Van Leuven

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