Letter to the Editor: Relax about the trees

Dear Editor:

While reading last week's edition of the Patriot, my aunt and I could hardly contain our laughter at the ridiculous and absolutely over-the-top outrage that a select few seem to have regarding the new trees that are to be planted around the city.

Frankly, I'm surprised that this paper would give such foolishness the notoriety of front page coverage - with a photo no less!

The fact that the city owns the easement should put the entire discussion to rest. Every homeowner on a public street is aware that the city owns that property and can do what they see fit with it. Sometimes, part of being an adult is accepting what is and then moving forward, regardless of whether you like it or not.

I wish people would be this vocal about issues that are actually of importance. With the reaction this tree planting has received by a small minority, you would think that the city was spreading the Ebola virus, rather than planting property value-enhancing, visually appealing, oxygen-producing, shade-providing trees.

I would like to mention that a parkway tree was planted in front of my house several years ago, and miraculously my life was not ruined. I have enjoyed the tree and welcome as many as possible to be planted in our city and beyond.

Lastly, one of the concerns pointed out was possible allergies. I happen to suffer from very bad allergies to a number of trees, and that is why I take Benadryl. Again, life not ruined. Simple solution found.

Matt Lancaster

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