Letter to the Editor: Republican demons

Dear Editor: 

After reading three op-eds in the Opinion section of the Downey Patriot dated June 9, 2016, watching the news, and viewing protests against Republicans, I am now convinced that us Republicans are nothing but racists and demons and should not be allowed freedom of speech or be allowed to accept donations to run campaigns supporting the candidates of our choice. 

Only the righteous opposition with totally clean plates and honest intentions should be allowed freedom of speech and be able to accept donations. 

Our country should allow whomever -- poor children from Central America, undocumented immigrants, refugees whether or not they have been vetted -- to freely enter our country. With 49 percent not paying taxes, why not increase the number to 60-70 percent, after all, we who pay taxes to support the benefits they receive love giving away our hard-earned income. 

Marijuana should be legalized so we can have large numbers of lethargic, zombie-like, unproductive individuals populating our nation. Why not? If it feels good, do it!

Yep, I've gotten it all wrong. 

Martha Morrissy-Call

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